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Blonde Throws Ash in Slave’s Mouth

Mistress name: KATRIN
Mistress age: 22
Number of photos: 55
Movies Length: 16 min 37 sec

What a funny guy he is! He thought that he would be able to resist my cruelty and wildness! I will see you blown first! My solid whip has worked very hard and now my slave is at my feet ready to do anything I order him! Another lesson of obedience and I light my cigarette and make the worm open his mouth wide! I bet he didn’t even imagine that from this moment I would use his miserable body only like an ashtray for my smoke breaks!

Smoking Mistresses Torture Slave

Mistress name: LEKA,NASTYA
Mistress age: 0
Number of photos: 30
Movies Length: 06 min 25 sec

It was rather a boring party for me and my salacious friend but the things became better as our miserable slave crawled into the room inviting us to a dinner. Dinner? No, no! We think we should feed our servant first and we light our cigarettes and fill his mouth with the clouds of cigarette smoke! It seems he didn’t like that dish very much, well, that means he deserves a good punishment and our ever present whips and leashes are ready for work!

Slave’s Back As an Ashtray

Mistress name: YUTA
Mistress age: 20
Number of photos: 32
Movies Length: 16 min 59 sec

I am not a heavy smoker; in fact, I smoke only when I get very nervous. This time my fucking donkey slave dared get me really angry so a couple of cigarettes will for sure help me to relax. What’s more, I think that such behavior is just invalid and should definitely be punished immediately. I set myself comfortable in my favorite chair and use my dude’s back as an ashtray paying no attention to his loud screams and beg for mercy!

Smoking Mistress’s Feet Worshiped

Mistress name: ALEN
Mistress age: 21
Number of photos: 41
Movies Length: 18 min 31 sec

This is a good example of how a nice and well bred slave should behave with his dirty Mistress! Just look how pleasingly and gratefully this miserable guy is licking my feet and sucking on my toes while I’m relaxing and smoking my cigarette! He gets enclouded in smoke but this fool knows that as soon as he starts coughing he’ll experience the power and strength of my whip on his own back, so he just tries not to breathe for as long as possible!

Smoking Mistress Saddles Slave

Mistress name: LEKA
Mistress age: 18
Number of photos: 36
Movies Length: 18 min 39 sec

I am an incredibly hot and beautiful blonde mistress! I like my slave call me “my Queen” or “my Lady”. But this young dude always forgets about it. Well, it’s high time to give him a good lesson! I light my cigarette and saddle that naked and fucking body exhaling clouds of smoke over guy’s head and repeating him again and again how he should address me! I pull his hair and squeeze my legs tighter around his shoulders every time he makes a mistake!


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