Hi guys! Here you can get a cloud of smoke right in your face or… even better… beautiful mistresses will smoke while hardly lashing you. And you’ll surely enjoy fresh ash of the mistress’s cigarette falling on your dirty ass… So enter to see what smoking mistresses do with their slaves.

18 years old

This lecherous blonde mistress never stops smoking and when her slaves try to hide on the floor and take a breath of fresh air they are furiously punished and forced to caress her sticking tits or feet. If very angry she snubs out her burning cigarette on her slave's tongue!

Stub in Slave’s Asshole
Mistress name: LEKA
Mistress age: 18
Movies Length: 03min 10sec

My beautiful and dirty blonde Queen knows that love means suffering for me, her slave, and she absolutely uses it for her purpose! She just loves to see the expression of pain and humiliation on my face and she does the kinkiest things with my exhausted body! This time she smoked a cigarette promising me to let finish smoking it but then she suddenly changed her mind and took the hottest stub right into my dirty asshole! Thank you, my Lady, for that!


Smoking Mistresses Have Fun
Mistress name: LEKA,NASTYA
Mistress age: 0
Number of photos: 160
Movies Length: 20min 45sec

These two guys are definitely poor and miserable when get into our disposal! We just want to kick the brains out of our today’s victims and we invented a really cruel way for that! It turns us on so much to give kinky orders and see those weak males fulfilling everything from licking the mud from our legs and feet to breathing that cigarette smoke we fill the room with! Slaves know that our whips are ready in case of any disobedience!


Smoking Mistresses Torture Slave
Mistress name: LEKA,NASTYA
Mistress age: 0
Number of photos: 30
Movies Length: 06min 25sec

It was rather a boring party for me and my salacious friend but the things became better as our miserable slave crawled into the room inviting us to a dinner. Dinner? No, no! We think we should feed our servant first and we light our cigarettes and fill his mouth with the clouds of cigarette smoke! It seems he didn’t like that dish very much, well, that means he deserves a good punishment and our ever present whips and leashes are ready for work!


Guy Humiliated by Smoking Ladies
Mistress name: MULTY,LEKA
Mistress age: 0
Number of photos: 40
Movies Length: 15min 31sec

Do you think we are aggressive and cruel mistresses ready to torture and humiliate our poor slave in every rough way? Not at all! As for me, we are very loyal babes and we even give our dude a chance of choosing his punishment! This time we offered him either to eat the ash from our cigarettes or lick and taste our dirty pussies… We don’t think it’s necessary to say that this moaning piece of shit pounded his fucking face and tongue inside our smelly vaginas!


Smoking Queens Make Guy Lick
Mistress name: MULTY,LEKA
Mistress age: 0
Number of photos: 34
Movies Length: 30min 12sec

We are two nasty mistresses and we are definitely sure that our slave is lucky to have such beautiful queens! We like to play various dirty games with our miserable worm, but what we like the most is to make him suffer from our cigarette smoke when we fill the room with it and he looks for something that doesn’t smell that bad between our legs! It’s great to see that guy going blooey from the lack of fresh air and begging us for mercy!


Slave Fed Up With Ash
Mistress name: LEKA
Mistress age: 18
Number of photos: 32
Movies Length: 17min 14sec

I hate, I just hate it when my disobedient slave goes to the toilet without my permission! But he keeps doing the same thing again and again and this time I have to give him a good lesson! As soon as I catch him pissing in my toilet bowl I make him open his dirty mouth and snub out my cigarette against his lewd tongue! Oh, what a nice music I hear when he loudly screams from pain and I nail down the success by exhaling clouds of smoke in that distorted face!


Smoking Mistress Saddles Slave
Mistress name: LEKA
Mistress age: 18
Number of photos: 36
Movies Length: 18min 39sec

I am an incredibly hot and beautiful blonde mistress! I like my slave call me “my Queen” or “my Lady”. But this young dude always forgets about it. Well, it’s high time to give him a good lesson! I light my cigarette and saddle that naked and fucking body exhaling clouds of smoke over guy’s head and repeating him again and again how he should address me! I pull his hair and squeeze my legs tighter around his shoulders every time he makes a mistake!



All models were at least 18 years old.

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